Working with SMTP Testing Tool

SMTP Testing is a free tool developed by Technozoid to test SMTP servers settings by sending an email through them.

You can Download SMTP Testing Tool for free before you proceed.


Servers List

The below is the list of settings for each server that needs to be tested:

  • SMTP Server: The server name or IP address of the SMTP Server.
  • Port: The SMTP port, usually it is set to 25. You can check with your email provider to know which port should be used.
  • From: The From email address.
  • To: The recipient email address that should receive the test email.
  • Msg body Type: Formatting of the email message body. It can be set to text, html, or “text & HTML”.
  • Authentication: No Authentication sends the email without any authentication; Basic Authentication sends the email using the username & password provided; Windows Authentication sends the email using your windows user automatically (this option is usually used when your email server is on the same domain of your active directory)
  • Enable SSL: Sends the email through secure socket layer.
  • Username & Password: The username and password used for authentication when Basic Authentication is selected.
SMTP Servers List


Adding & Deleting Servers

To add a new SMTP server click on an empty row and fill the required details.

To delete an existing SMTP server click on the row header and press delete.

Add or Delete SMTP Server


Start Testing

Click on Start after configuring and saving the new settings.

Start Sending



Settings include the email subject and body text that will be used in the messages.

Message Settings


Event Log & Errors Log

Event log displays the testing history, while errors log displays errors that occurred in the application.

Event Log and Errors Log
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